When Someone Dies

At each step along the way, Simplicity Funerals is there to make the process worry-free.

A doctor will need to sight the body and complete a Medical Certificate of Causes of Death. Simplicity Funerals can advise and assist at this time to make the situation easier to understand.

Call Simplicity Funerals on (03) 379 0196 and we can arrange to come and see you. We can discuss options together and provide free estimates.

Burial or Cremation

Often the deceased will have made this decision and their wishes are usually followed. Sometimes you – the family – have to choose, and Simplicity Funerals can help take care of this, whatever your choice.

Burial was common in the past – and many still prefer this option.
The family has a grave they can visit and remember the person who has passed. You will need to buy a burial plot, pay an interment fee, and usually buy a memorial or headstone. Burials are normally limited to official cemeteries or Maori burial grounds and there may be specific size requirements for the memorial or headstone.

With cremation, there is no restriction on specific burial places.
Ashes can be buried or scattered, and a memorial or plaque can be a focal point for the family. After the cremation process, Simplicity Funerals will collect the ashes. They are usually available for you to collect from them within 48 hours. Simplicity Funerals also offers an attractive range of urns.


Sometimes embalming is needed to ensure sanitation and preservation in the lead up to the funeral. If there is a delay or the body has to be transferred to another city or country, embalming is mandatory. Experienced, qualified staff carry out the embalming process and the body is treated with utmost respect and dignity at all times.

When Someone Dies

Once we have taken your loved one into our care, we will arrange a meeting with you. This could be at the Funeral Home or in your own home. Wherever you feel most comfortable.

Items to bring when meeting the Funeral Director

  • Select any clothing that has special significance for your loved one, or something they loved to wear - shoes & accessories are optional.
  • Any personal items you would like placed in the casket
  • A recent photo of your loved one (so that we can ensure their hair and makeup is just as it should be)
  • Photos for service sheet and photo presentation (if you have these ready)
  • Draft of the funeral notice
  • Details for the death certificate

The service

Simplicity Funerals can make all the arrangements for the service and ensure it flows smoothly. You should choose a ceremony that suits you and your family, and we can tell you about the available choices. The caring professionals at Simplicity Funerals will meet with clergy and celebrants, doctors and hospitals, government departments, coroners and other officials, crematoriums and cemetery authorities. You don’t have to worry.
Music and musicians, newspaper notices, vehicles, family flowers, audio or DVD recording, placement of ashes and memorials – anything you require… all can be arranged by Simplicity Funerals. Please view Our Funeral Options.

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